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Cassie DeFile | Costume Design

Bloody Axe Wound Film Distressing
Painting and distressing for indie horror film. Costume pieces and shoes for main antagonist.
Costume Design: Sylvia Grieser
Director: Matthew John Lawrence

Hat Distressing Sample

This sample is from an on-set distressing class I took with IATSE Local 764 Theatrical Wardrobe Union

El Henry Armor Project
This project is a representation of my graduate thesis work.
 Armor Artisans: Cassie DeFile, Ayrika Johnson, D Larsson McCanna, Sebastian Rock

The Importance of Being Earnest

University of California Irvine

Lead Milliner: Matthew Martinez

Costume Design: Lauryn Terceira 

Director: Shishir Kurup

Photos: Jesús López Vargas


South Coast Repertory Theatre

Lead Crafts Artisan: Kaitlyn Kaufman

Costume Design: David Kay Mickelsen

Director: Art Manke

Man of La Mancha

Alpine Theatre Project

Costume Design: Amy Pedigo-Otto

Director: Betsi Morrison

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