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Cassie DeFile | Costume Design

Ella's Jukebox Cafe
Poughkeepsie Rising - Dutchess CC
A new musical that tells the life story of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and travels through time from the 1920s to the 1950s. Each chorus character had a simple period look, as well as a fantasy look where they sing a solo to the audience.
Producer: Gully Sanford
Director: Juson Williams
Hacker Land
Directors: Alex Fernbach/Kara Vedder
Cobalt Productions - Corporate Videos
Wardrobe Stylist Episode
s 36/37
Filmed using green screen technology
Distance in its Movement Dance Film 
The web link:
Distance in its Movement

Director: Jesús López Vargas
Co-Costume Design: Ayrika Johnson
Production Company: Moon Collective
Two Gentlemen of Verona
New Swan Shakespeare Festival
Modern design set in 2019 with a focus on color and texture to distinguish  three different locations; the affluent seaside, the uncivilized forest and a metropolitan city.
Scenic Design: Tyler Scrivner
Lighting Design: Karyn Lawrence
Sound Design: Jack Bueermann
Stage Manager: Ariel Singer
Director: Beth Lopes

Photos: Paul Kennedy
Super Maximum Retro Show 
 Trailer Season 1: YouTube

Director: Justin Spina
ITV America - Vice TV
Wardrobe Stylist Episodes 1-5
Filmed with live studio audience
Visiting Angels 2022
National US and Canada TV Spots 
 The web link:
 Visiting Angels 2022 

Director: Roger Tully
Visiting Angels Corporation
Irvine Barclay Theatre
Set in the 1970s with a focus on unique color grouping and harmony, to help identify individuals and relationships among the larger group of characters. 

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Lighting Design: Jacob Brinkman
Sound Design: Garrett Gagnon
Wig Design: Elizabeth Clipp
Stage Manager: Kyrsten Goodrich
Director: Eli Simon

Photos: Paul Kennedy
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